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AlTayyar will be your VAT agent and we will provide VAT agent services in the kingdom of Bahrain and we take the full responsibility to cover all the elements and areas of upcoming VAT in the kingdom of Bahrain to unload your burden. AlTayyar will be your tax agent and we will represent your company in front of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

As the VAT is new in the kingdom of Bahrain and It is very difficult for the companies to look after the issues regarding VAT or the other tax issues and resolve it by dealing with Federal Tax Authority (FTA). It will be essential for the businesses to hire a tax agent to deal with VAT in the kingdom of Bahrain and other tax matters. Approved FTA Tax Agent in the kingdom of Bahrain

Tax agent in the kingdom of Bahrain will assist you in many situations, such as:

FTA required some documents that must be in Arabic language and followed by the standardized format. So, if your company does not have records in Arabic then we as a Tax Agent will take care of it.

AlTayyar name is included in the list of Tax Agents in the kingdom of Bahrain, we are fully updated and aware of all the recent rules and regulation of the tax laws and the changes occurring in the law. Hence the penalty on compliance of the new provisions of the tax laws will be eliminated. It is not a piece of cake to clear FTA Tax Agent exam.

Tax Agent will help you in identifying the right and suitable ways for your organization which will result in better and long term tax planning.

Tax Agent can represent a taxable company or a person to represent them in front of the government authorities like Federal Tax Authority (FTA), an experience and connection of a Tax Agent in the kingdom of Bahrain will be very important and crucial.

AlTayyar as a Registered Tax Agent in the kingdom of Bahrain

Once we are appointed as your Tax Agent, it will be our responsibility to represent your company in FTA by providing them all the necessary and essential documents, information, records and the required data. AlTayyar will act as Tax Agent on behalf of your company regarding to your all tax concerns and affairs.

The overview of the main activities which we will perform to cover all the aspects of VAT in the kingdom of Bahrain will be:
VAT Registration
VAT Return Filings (Monthly & Quarterly basis)
VAT Refunds and claims
VAT Deregistration
VAT Voluntary Disclosure
VAT Reconsideration forms
VAT Health Check
VAT Audit

AlTayyar is providing the best quality and timely Tax Agent Services in the kingdom of Bahrain. VAT in the kingdom of Bahrain is around the corner and the companies need to be registered. AlTayyar is here to help you in every circumstance by taking a responsibility to be your Tax Agent and want you to leave all your worries regarding VAT in the kingdom of Bahrain upon us.

AlTayyar will handle everything efficiently and effectively. AlTayyar will take care of all the processes and documentation for VAT and communicate it with Federal Tax Authority (FTA).