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Business Activity Details

  1.  Find your CR number on Sijilat.bh 

    1.1 Access the Sijilat website https://www.sijilat.bh/, click on 'Public Service' and select 'Search CR' from the drop-down menu.

    1.2 Insert your own CR number and press "Search".


  2. Find the relevant ISIC4 Code

    2.1 Access your profile and scroll down to 'Business Activities'.

    2.2 Identify the first two digits of the ISIC4 code representing your business activity. Please select the business activity that constitutes your largest revenue source.

  3. Find the ISIC4 number in our Business Activity Guide

    3.1 Download and open our Business Activity Guide

    3.2 Identify the first two digits of your ISIC4 code in the Overview over Sections and Divisions and click on the relevant number. You will be redirected to the corresponding ISIC4 Division.

    3.3 Identify the Division name.

  4. Find all relevant inputs in Business Activity Guide

    4.1 Identify the name of the relevant section.

    4.2 Identify your business activity Group name and keep record of it.

    4.3 Find your business activity Class name and keep record of it.

  5. Enter the business activity in the Business-details section in the Registration Form

    5.1 Return to the "Economic Activities - Business-details" section in the Registration Form.

    5.2 Input Section, Division, Group and Class accordingly.